Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where I Rant at the Television

Yes, it's a bad day when I rant at the TV, but I did tonight. My newest guilty pleasure is the reality show "Addicted to Food" on the Oprah network. It's an addiction recovery show, kick-ass Texas style. Woot! I love it when the therapists get all hardcore. No mollycoddling the addicts here.

The story lines don't deal with food or eating all that much. That's all minor in the show. Food just happens to be the substance the addicts abuse. What they do show is *why* the addict is an addict and deal with the core problem. Now that there is some good TV!

Anywho, the new episodes air on Tuesday nights. I checked the schedule to see if last week's episode was airing as a rerun before the new episode. The show wasn't even on the schedule! Crap! What's up with that, Oprah? The last show had trailers for the next show, so I know it's already in the can and ready to air. Where is it? I want my Addicted to Food! And I want it now! I'm addicted!

In Addicted's time slot was "Becoming Chaz" about how Chastity Bono had a sex-change operation and is now physically and legally a man. Whoa! When did this all happen? Why haven't I heard about it before now? Am I that behind on popular culture? Hubby even knew about it already. Last time I saw Chastity she was getting her house fixed up on "Designed to Sell" or one of those shows.

Saw Chaz in a preview clip of the show. Made me sad. Oh, I'm happy for Chaz that he now has a body that matches his brain. Good for him. However, stepping back and looking at the big picture, I'm a little sad. The world is now -1 in the Damn Fine Lesbian column, and +1 in the Bloated Straight Guy column. That can't be good.