Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Squeeeeky Potty

Late last night I went stumbling into the bathroom half asleep in the semi-darkness. There's just enough light from a night light so that I don't run into anything. I check to be sure the seat is down because Hubby always leaves it up. (touch, touch, touch) Yep, it's OK, I'm good to go.

I sit down and I hear a squeeeeeeeeet! noise. I recognized the sound. It means the potty has developed a slow leak and the squeeeee noise is the tank topping off. "Dang!" I think to myself, "Gotta tell Hubby to fix that."

But usually sitting down doesn't make it squeeeee. That's odd. So I wiggle a little bit and it squeeeeeees again. Weird.

Then I felt a tickle on my right elbow. OK, wide awake now.

I turn to see whiskers poking out from behind me. It was Smudge the all-white kitty! She must have been standing on the back of the potty seat about to get a drink when I sat down and squished her against the lid. It was her making that squeeeeee noise.

She's the same white as the potty lid so I missed her in the gloom. I felt so guilty.

I squeeeed back at her as I jumped up all aghast. Why hadn't the silly kitty moved when she saw my big be-hind coming?!?

She didn't seem all that upset about being squished and didn't run away. She nonchalantly circled the rim, sniffed a bit, then went in for a drink. Of course the germy potty water tastes *much* better than the water in the sparkling clean kitty bowl. She drank and drank and drank and drank.

I felt pretty foolish after a while standing there with my undies around my ankles watching the cat drink from the toilet.

I finally hiked up the ol' Granny Pannies and went off to find a camera. Had to rummage around for a while to find it. Figured Smudge would be long gone by the time I got back, but oh no, she was still there lapping away. Took several pics.

As I sat there in the early morning darkness watching her I thought, "Man, the sacrifices we make for our kitties."

Stoopid cat.

And I still had to pee.

Next time I'll flip on the light.