Monday, July 11, 2011

Dang, It's Hot!

Nothing much happening with the Specks in Speckville these days. It is just too danged hot to do anything.

Temp at 5:45pm in the shade:

But it feels like:
Thank goodness the humidity is lower than normal or it would be even worse.

The animals are too hot to care about anything either. This squirrel is laid out at the base of the tree not too far off our front porch.

Cheezburger the Porch Cat knows the squirrel is there and is too hot to care. He has been laid out on the porch watching the squirrel about 15 minutes. He's too hot to bother about getting up and getting himself an easy squirrel snack.

The squirrel knows the cat is there and is too hot to care. He must figure becoming a squirrel snack may be a good alternative to suffering in the heat.

It is just too danged hot.

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john.p said...

I think that squirrel knows physics, too. He knows that cooler air is denser and that, in his world, the coolest air is at the base of the tree, and that dirt is cooler than air. I bet he's also calculated the elapsed time needed for Cheezburger to reach him, with cat velocity compensated for ambient temperature and Cheezburger core temperature. He only looks dumb.