Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Doodles

A collection of doodles:

I went shopping at Goodwill on Friday but had to cut the trip short because I got a

Crap! The notion of a turtlehead stuck in my brain and ya know how that'll be there until I draw it.

The electricity went out Saturday afternoon as the outer bands of Hurricane Ike started throwing tornados around the county. I sat in the semi-darkness and doodled while listening for weather reports on the emergency radio. Why an eyeball? I don't know. Maybe because I couldn't see well at the time.

Watching the storm surge bash the seawall at Galveston on TV earlier in the day I wondered how sea critters fared in a hurricane.

The horseshoe crab came to mind because I had watched some weird program on animal evolution 20,000 years from now. They had these funky octopus monkey things swinging through the trees and a ginormous T-Rex sized squid that fed on them. Gloriously weird show.

Anyway, one of the strange new critters was a horseshoe crab looking thingy that was the size of a #5 washtub and the terror of the ocean.
Anybody besides Uncle Buck know what a #5 washtub is?

And then in the fading darkness I drew all that I could see...the armillary sphere outside the window in the garden. It's a little whomperjawed because I couldn't make out where all the circles crossed (it's all dark and rusty anyway.)

Tonight I was piddling around with a ball point pen, doodling on a notepad that was supposed to be my grocery list. It developed into a shoe instead. Obviously I wasn't too motivated about making a grocery list.

And these are a couple of rough pencil sketches I did back this summer and unearthed cleaning up my computer nest. The guy is from a photo in my hometown newspaper.
I got one eye perfect. The other one looks like he has a big ol' cataract. I think there was something funny about that eye in the photo anyway.

Just a sweet doggie cuz I like sweet doggies. I really miss my doggie.


Willym said...

Love the turtle - actually love them all but especially the turtle. That last one had me shedding a few tears - I miss my girl and my buddy so much even after nine months. Thanks.

And by the way that magnet will be on its way to you sometime this week. Sorry for the delay but....

yellowdog granny said...

first of all your artwork is terrific..i loved the doggie..i miss my doggie too...
i saw that show on tv with the tree swinging octopi, and thought it was very very interesting.
I'm pissed that folks in the midwest got more rain from Ike and Tina that I did here in central Texas..but it did bring in a cold front..was about 59 degrees this morning when i woke up..slept with all the windows open and was perfect.

LostInCO said...

That turtle is the best, and so is the doggie sketch. I need to sketch my doggie more. Hey I finally bought an envelope and I will be mailing you those watercolors!! Finally!

sageweb said...

Those are all wonderful!! I love the doggie.

Doralong said...

Your talent just blows me completely away! I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler and always thought it was unfair I was the one it skipped in the family. Oh well, at least I have the capacity to genuinely appreciate true talent!

Buck said...

I love the doggie.

And yes, I spent many an hour with a No. 5 washtub and a garden hose.

My grandma had as many washtubs as she had grandchildren.

rosemary said...

all really great sketches....does the shoe wearer have a bunion? it looks like all of my right shoes...with that little bump where my bunion pushes against the leather.

Miss Healthypants said...

I loved how you started this blog entry!--hilarious! :) Loved the turtle.

Your drawings are, as always, fantastic! :)

And no, I have no idea what a #5 washtub is. ??

Speck said...

Thanks y'all for all the comments. I guess I should draw more doggies. That seems to be a big hit.

Miss HP - The next post will 'splain a #5 washtub for you.

booda baby said...

Oh my gosh. I miss your doggie, too!

Nice work!!!!!